CCPHVAC - Proper Air Flow Can Reduce Covid-19 Virus
Air Conditioning Linked to Reduced Viruses at Work

As the owner of a business, you are responsible for providing a comfortable and healthy premises for your employees/customers.  Ineffective air conditioning and ventilation equipment can spread irritants and germs throughout the building. With the current pandemic involving Covid-19 (Corona Virus), ensuring well-ventilated spaces is more critical than ever to … Read More

2020 and 2019 on the empty road at sunset. New Year concepts
Summer 2020 Outlook – Hot One Presumed

The Met Office has predicted that 2020 will be another hot. Just what we need after the months of wet weather. The last few years have seen year on year temperatures rise with 2016 being the hottest in recent years.  You can read what the MET Office has predicted for … Read More

CCP HVAC - moul din your hvac
More Rain = Damp Conditions for Your HVAC

Just as we thought that the rain was over following yesterday’s sunny weather e are back to rain today. The constant rain and damp conditions are not only bad more our mood, but it can also be bad for our HVAC equipment.  Damp conditions combined with a rise in temperature … Read More

CCPHVAC - how to calculate wattage
How to Calculate W/M2 for HVAC Equipment

Any heat pump or central air conditioning system must be correctly sized. Doing so will ensure you can save money and make the building interior more comfortable for occupants. A system either too large or too small may not provide sufficient cooling and may result in the equipment having a … Read More

shaing hands to make the deal
5 Tips on How to Choose an HVAC Contractor

Letting a contractor from any industry into your home or property is a massive step. Giving someone you don’t really know £1000s to complete highly technical and potentially dangerous work should not be taken lightly.  We want to help guide you in the right direction, so you are better armed … Read More

Exposed AC Equipment
Dufferin St – Project Update

Dufferin St, London is a commercial AC project we are currently in the process of completing. We are working across two floors of this office building, installing the AC system in preparation for the office spaces being rented out. The project involves the installation of eleven AC units throughout the … Read More