CCPHVAC - Refrigerant seizure
Refrigerant​ Seizure

Polish customs authorities have seized another shipment of R1234yf refrigerant, the second seizure in Poland in just three months. This seizure is the latest action taken by Honeywell in an attempt to stop the sale of infringing R1234yf refrigerant. R1234yf is designed for car air conditoning systems and is protected … Read More

CCPHVAC - Maintenance
A Premium Approach Towards HVAC Maintenance

CCPHVAC is the name that you can always trust to have you covered on any matter associated with air conditioning equipment throughout Hertfordshire and the South East. We believe in our experienced team, which are made up of ambitious technicians, ready to make sure your HVAC system runs its best and … Read More

CCPHVAC Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts About AC

At CCP HVAC we love everything about air conditioning. We love its history and most importantly we love how it transforms an environment to make in comfortable to be in. If you are looking for a new HVAC system and you need some expert advice, then please get in touch … Read More