CCPHVAC - Proper Air Flow Can Reduce Covid-19 Virus
Air Conditioning Linked to Reduced Viruses at Work

As the owner of a business, you are responsible for providing a comfortable and healthy premises for your employees/customers.  Ineffective air conditioning and ventilation equipment can spread irritants and germs throughout the building. With the current pandemic involving Covid-19 (Corona Virus), ensuring well-ventilated spaces is more critical than ever to … Read More

CCPHVAC - Air Purifier and dehumidifier. Concept for dehumidifying room. H
Humidity Linked to Health

In the UK, it is estimated that influenza causes 6 million working days to be lost every year, and accounts for 400,000 GP visits. Flu also causes around 600 deaths directly every yearThe studies involved infecting mice with fl and an estimated 10,000 further deaths from ‘flu-related causes’. The has … Read More

CCPHVAC Win £100
Summers Nearly Over…Win £100

The summer has been a good one, but it is always sad when that cool air comes in. The kids go back to school, and the credit card is severely bloated from the two-week family break and not a sign of another one for some time. We know the feeling … Read More

CCPHVAC - Maintenance
A Premium Approach Towards HVAC Maintenance

CCPHVAC is the name that you can always trust to have you covered on any matter associated with air conditioning equipment throughout Hertfordshire and the South East. We believe in our experienced team, which are made up of ambitious technicians, ready to make sure your HVAC system runs its best and … Read More

Smarten Up Your HVAC

Everybody in 2019 is looking for smarter technology, whether it is for their home or business. The HVAC industry is no different, and throughout 2019, there have been some substantial leaps forward. These new technologies are designed to help us control our environments easier and cheaper. Here is a list … Read More

CCPHVAC Interesting Facts
Interesting Facts About AC

At CCP HVAC we love everything about air conditioning. We love its history and most importantly we love how it transforms an environment to make in comfortable to be in. If you are looking for a new HVAC system and you need some expert advice, then please get in touch … Read More