Do You Know Your AC Components?

Are you considering getting AC installed in your home or office in 2020? if you are then here is a simple break down of what the main components are, what their purpose is and whereabouts in the property they will be positioned. (1) Compressor The compressor unit is the box-shaped … Read More

2020 and 2019 on the empty road at sunset. New Year concepts
Summer 2020 Outlook – Hot One Presumed

The Met Office has predicted that 2020 will be another hot. Just what we need after the months of wet weather. The last few years have seen year on year temperatures rise with 2016 being the hottest in recent years.  You can read what the MET Office has predicted for … Read More

CCPHVAC - how to calculate wattage
How to Calculate W/M2 for HVAC Equipment

Any heat pump or central air conditioning system must be correctly sized. Doing so will ensure you can save money and make the building interior more comfortable for occupants. A system either too large or too small may not provide sufficient cooling and may result in the equipment having a … Read More

CCPHVAC - $1m prize competition
$1m Prize Competition Down to Finalists

The company behind of the Global Cooling Prize have released the eight finalists who will compete for the top prize of $1m. Other entrants that do not take the top prize will meanwhile compete for a further $2m in additional prizes. Entrants were assessed on their suggestions ability to offer … Read More

CCP HVAC - Which air conditioning unit
Which Air Conditioning Unit to Choose

The air conditioning market is a minefield of different specs and brands of air conditioning units. Where do you start from when you are trying to choose the right one for your home or business? But don’t worry, it’s reasonably easy to buy and enjoy an air conditioning unit that … Read More

CCPHVAC - Server Room Cooling
Server Room Cooling is Different

Regular air conditioning systems can deliver a steady flow of cold air, and they do. But server room cooling is different. Server rooms need more cooling power to keep the server room to its optimum temperature and prevent the server from overheating and the equipment failing. All businesses depend on … Read More