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How To Clean Air Conditioning

So you have had air conditioning installed in your home. Now it’s winter you can leave it alone until summer comes around? Wrong! Now is the perfect time to have clean air conditioning equipment. The last thing you want is summer to go around and the ac unit not running at it’s best due to poor maintenance.  

Below is a list of things you should be doing to your equipment throughout the year. 

HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Should Be Doing Yourself

Schedule your HVAC maintenance twice a year. Once in the spring for your cooling equipment and again around Autumn for your heating system. 

There are a few maintenance hacks of your own you could be doing between these annual services. The following DIY tasks help keep your equipment running smoothly, running efficiently and significantly reducing the need for a serious repair.

  • You should ideally change the HVAC air filter every month. Some of the more modern ac units have a light that tells you when the filter is becoming clogged, and the airflow is being restricted. 
  • Remove anything from around the outdoor unit that may be blocking it such as rubbish or weeds.
  •  When dirt begins to accumulate on the unit, this should be washed off.
  • Keep the internal units unblocked by curtains or other pieces of furniture. 
Repair and maintenance of air conditioners in the room.

AC Maintenance You Should Leave to the Pros

Many owners of home airconditioners ask why they can’t complete a more thorough service of the equipment themselves. The truth is such a task requires skills and tools that only an HVAC engineer possess. Here is what is likely to happen when you call in the pros at CCP HVAC to perform your annual HVAC system maintenance:

  • Check over the thermostat: The AC engineer will inspect the calibration of the thermostat. As a result the correct temperature can be regulated throughout the year. If you have older equipment and don’t have a programmable one. The HVAC engineer will recommend one gets installed. 
  • Check through electrical connections: Loose electrical connections are hazardous and can shorten the life of the equipment or potentially cause a fire. The AC engineer will also measure the voltage and current throughout the unit to check for irregularities. 
  • Lubrication to moving parts: Lack of lubrication to moving parts in any mechanical system causes large amounts of friction. Friction leads to heat which then causes the equipment to fail. Lubricating generously helps parts run together smoothly against one another. When parts can move more freely along, this reduces the electricity used to operate the equipment, which then keeps your electricity bill low. 

“A well looked after HVAC or air conditioning system helps to keep the e quipment running efficiently and prolongs the life of the equipment” Barry Fisk MD of CCP HVAC Ltd

  • Condensation Drain:  Under normal conditions, the condensation collects in a container and drains itself away to the outside of the property. However, over time, sludge or algae can form in the drain pipe and block the pipe. When the AC is running full blast in the height of summer or the HVAC running all winter, the container holding the condensation may overflow with the water leaking into the home, causing damage to your electrical equipment and furniture. Our HVAC engineer would check the condensation drain for blockages, and if there are, they will be cleaned out. 
  • Check the systems control unit: The start-up, operation and shut-off sequences need to happen in a particular order. If they are not this will shorten the life of the equipment a greatly reduce efficiency. The engineer will check the controls to make sure everything all of the sequences are running as they should. 
  • Clean and optimise the blower: Issues with the blower can drastically impact the efficiency of the equipment by up to 20%. Getting proper airflow is key to ensuring the environment is at its best.
Changing the Filter in the Air Conditioning The Concept of Safe and Healthy Housing
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils (cooling specific): Over time, dirty coils decreases efficiency and makes the equipment life shorter. Cleaning the coils as part of the annual service is an important part of maintaining the A/C’s capacity, ensuring lower energy bills and prolonging equipment life.
  • Check refrigerant charge (cooling specific): Sometimes, the air conditioner may have been charged too high when the equipment was installed. If this was the case, you could be paying larger energy bills to run the equipment. An engineer checks for these and would repair any leaks that are present, and ensures the equipment is charged as it should be. 

These are the minimum tests that our HVAC engineers would complete during a service. They may also conduct other tests should they notice other symptoms during preliminary tests. 

To Summarise

There are certain checks and maintenance tasks you can complete yourself throughout the year. This is by no means a substitute for a professional service. These DIY tasks get you clean air conditioning equipment and can thorughly help to keep your equipment running its best and having a more prolonged life. 

What Next?

Are you interested in scheduling servicing for your HVAC or AC equipment? then contact our team. Our friendly staff will book you in for a service at a time that is convenient for you. 

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