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How Often Do I Need to Change My HVAC Air Filter?

Replacing the filter in your air conditioning or HVAC system regularly keeps your equipment working correctly and your electricity bills as low as possible. It’s also something that many homes and business owners forget about throughout the year, which can send your bills to the stratosphere and risk other maintenance issues down the line. Read on to find out the recommended frequency at which to change your filters!


Now the big question so, how often should you swap out your equipment filter? The short answer is: it depends.

The usual recommendations say from every 30 days for the cheaper filters, to as long as six months for better quality filters. These estimated frequencies assume average usage and differ depending on the type/ size of the filter.

A general rule of thumb for pleated variety of air filters is to replace them every 90 days. As the filter collects more dirt and dust from the air, the efficiency of the filter deteriorates. Find out in the following sections if you should be replacing the filter more frequently.

Does anyone in the property have breathing conditions or an allergy?

Those with any breathing conditions such as asthma are much more sensitive to the airborne particles than those. If you have someone who suffers from something like this living or working in the building, change the filter every six weeks to help ensure the quality of the air is at its best.

Are there animals at the property?

Animals such as dogs and cats shed hair and have smells that build up in the property making it essential to change the filter every two months. Usually, dogs and cats shed most of their hair just before spring and just before the autumn, which are the priority times to you should be replacing the filters.

Do you have young or old people in the property?

Superior air quality is especially important for young children and old folks. Keep your building clean and the quality of the air under control by replacing all of the filters every two to three months.


How much you use your HVAC equipment

If the country you live in has a temperate climate (such as the UK) and use your HVAC for a maximum of a few hours a day, a single air filter can last you from a complete season to a whole year. If your HVAC equipment is running constantly throughout the year, you must change your filters every couple of weeks (especially if you’re using cheaper or low-quality filters).

The size of the building

 Air conditioners in smaller houses or buildings need to pump out less air for the same quantity of temperature change, this could mean filters need to be changed less often. These items of equipment often have smaller filters, though, and because of this may need to be changed out just as frequently as a filter in larger buildings.

The air quality within your home or building

The air within and outside your building will be a major factor with your filter’s replacement frequency cycle. Pets and poor air quality, for example, will lead to you needing to replace the air filters more frequently throughout the season.


Any use of your equipment will lead to an amount of dirt being collected in the air filter – that’s what it is designed to do, after all.

So what is the best way to know when your filter has collected too much dirt and grime and will need to be swapped out?

There are no strict guidelines available, but if your filter shows only a slight layer of dirt under and the filter’s material is still visible through it, your filter is in a perfectly fine condition and working order. Once it gets past that point, it’s ready to be swapped out. If there are signs of a visible coating of dirt and grime covering most of the area the filter’s surface that is thick enough to obscure the filter material, that is a sure sign that the filter has been in your HVAC equipment for far too long a time.

Every couple of weeks, take out the filter and check it over! Does it have a musty type odour? Is the filter covered with any dust? If you are unsure, it’s always best to be proactive and replace your filters. They’re relatively inexpensive to purchase and there are always good deals online, and that small expenses to keep your vents clear will be noticed when your energy bills come in. If it’s been a long length of time since you’ve changed the filters last, we can help you find the correct make and size for your type of air conditioning or HVAC system.

Ready to replace your filter? Contact us here and get your equipment back to its most economical and efficiency 

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