CCPHVAC - 2019 Review

16, Dec, 2019

2019 At CCP HVAC Ltd

Introduction It’s at this time of year that we like to appraise our activities throughout the year and reflect on the goals we have achieved and the excellent work we have completed. The company has grown exponentially since its formation, which is in no small part due to continued reinvestment … Read More

CCPHVAC - Fire Risk

15, Dec, 2019

Risk of Major Fire Tragedy Remains

ECA has highlighted the continued fire risk to residents from the use of under-qualified workers in its response to Competence Steering Group’s ‘Raising the Bar’ consultation. In the aftermath of the 2017 fire tragedy at the Grenfell Tower high-rise block in West London, inquiries have concluded that installer competency is … Read More

CCPHVAC - London Air Pollution

11, Dec, 2019

School Run Pollution for Our Children

A study funded by the Mayor of London’s Office has revealed that children travelling to primary schools across the capital are five times more exposed to air pollution than at any other time of the day. Data collected by Google Street View Cars, published online for the first time in … Read More


8, Dec, 2019

Vision for the Future

European contractors body AREA has published a strategy emphasising the need to balance the increasing demand for cooling with more sustainable products and systems. As well as ensuring sufficient skills are introduced and retained across the industry. Their Vision The groups Vision 2025 plan has set out four medium-term goals … Read More

CCPHVAC - Home renovation

7, Dec, 2019

Home Renovation in 2020? Consider Installing Air Conditioning

We have a great deal of experience in designing and installing bespoke air conditioning throughout London and the South East. Throughout 2019, we have completed dozens of projects with a great many of them being for repeat customers. 2019 has seen our commercial client base grow for consistent years. So … Read More

CCPHVAC - diy HVAC maintenance

3, Dec, 2019

DIY HVAC Maintenance

It’s an essential part of responsible HVAC ownership to hire a professional HVAC repair contractor twice a year to go over the equipment. They will do things like inspecting and clean the wiring and mechanisms of the air conditioner, which should not be attempted by any home or a business … Read More