CCPHVAC - women in HVACR industry

8, Nov, 2019

Boost to Women in HVACR Industry

The IOR’s Women in RACHP Network has launched a survey in a bid to benchmark the industry’s benefits and attitudes towards women and to explore what should be done to close the gender gap. As the RACHP sector continues to struggle to bring more women into the industry and utilise … Read More

CCPHVAC - Emergency cold storage

6, Nov, 2019

Emergency Cold Storage

When you think of the available emergency services, you would probably think of the following — police, ambulance, fire brigade and maybe even the AA. If you are a food retailer then if your chillers break down, none of these would protect your valuable stock. The stock needs to be … Read More

CCPHVAC - Smarter Home

3, Nov, 2019

How to Make Your Home Smarter

Home and business owners are always looking to increase the comfort and efficiency of their buildings. These problems can be solved by increasingly popular smart solutions, which can be planned into renovations and are easy to install, long-lasting and effective. These solutions are available to at very reasonable prices, your … Read More

CCPHVAC - Refrigerant seizure

2, Nov, 2019

Refrigerant​ Seizure

Polish customs authorities have seized another shipment of R1234yf refrigerant, the second seizure in Poland in just three months. This seizure is the latest action taken by Honeywell in an attempt to stop the sale of infringing R1234yf refrigerant. R1234yf is designed for car air conditoning systems and is protected … Read More

CCPHVAC - Rankine Conference 2020

31, Oct, 2019

International Conference 2020

Professor Erkhard Groll has been confirmed as the first keynote speaker for Rankine 2020 – Advances in Cooling, Heating and Power Generation conference which is taking place in Glasgow from 26 to 29 July 2020. An award-winning international speaker, Echard Groll is the William E. and Florence E. Perry head … Read More

CCPHVAC - supermarket refrigeration

29, Oct, 2019

Supermarket Refrigeration

Supermarket refrigeration has an essential role to play in keeping our food fresh. However, many challenges are surrounding the chillers used in the refrigeration system, including the production of large amounts of condensate, leaks, dirt and blockages. So, What’s the answer to keeping supermarket refrigeration in good working order? A … Read More