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Humidity Linked to Health

In the UK, it is estimated that influenza causes 6 million working days to be lost every year, and accounts for 400,000 GP visits. Flu also causes around 600 deaths directly every yearThe studies involved infecting mice with fl and an estimated 10,000 further deaths from ‘flu-related causes’. The has … Read More

What Is HVAC? Do I Need It?

HVAC is a common term that you would have heard of, and you are likely to have a general idea of what it’s meaning. On the other hand, what exactly does HVAC mean? And, how does it apply to your home, business or if you are lucky enough your £1m … Read More

CCPHVAC - $2m Prize
Would You Like to Win $2m?

The Global Cooling Prize is a competition being run to try and find the most innovative and the most reduced climate impact. Innovators, startups, universities and manufacturers have made up the 2000 entries. Not only is there a $1m first prize but an additional $2m in prizes for other worthwhile … Read More

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Zero Carbon Future for HVAC

The UK has committed itself to a net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050, making Britain the first major economy to do so. The commitment, to be made in an amendment to the Climate Change Act. It would make the UK the first member of the G7 group of industrialised nations … Read More

CCPHVAC - Climate Change
Climate Change..A HVAC Question

According to estimates, domestic heating makes up for more than half of the UK’s energy consumption. This puts a great deal of pressure on the heating industry to find a solution to the climate change question. Where better to look than at sustainable energy? With the current protests in London … Read More

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Summers Nearly Over…Win £100

The summer has been a good one, but it is always sad when that cool air comes in. The kids go back to school, and the credit card is severely bloated from the two-week family break and not a sign of another one for some time. We know the feeling … Read More