Air Wars – What Are They & How to Prevent One

If it is not happening already, your office could soon be having a war, a war that will be waged between the two types of employees: those who are comfortable in an air-conditioned environment, and those who are shivering and tutting their way through the workday in jackets and cardigans. The first type is primarily made up of men, whilst the second usually consists of the women. Apologies for the sexist generalisation but there are some scientific facts behind this.

Research finds that there are differences in the physical build-up of men and women that lead to women usually feeling colder than men in certain environments.

Don’t let the air conditioning become cause for conflict in your workplace. Conflict can lead to tensions between employees which can affect your business. Please read our article on Air Conditioning & Growth.

Our air conditioning professionals have done some research on the subject of air conditioning in the workplace and have come with the following guide to assist your own air wars.

What are we Arguing About?

After reading our article on Air Conditioning & Growth you would have seen that arguing over the air con is not conducive to a healthy and happy workplace. In order to prevent your air conditioning equipment from causing an all-out “Air War”, you must first have a better understanding of air conditioning in general. Please read the following articles that we have found to be the most informative on the subject.


Men vs Women

The majority of people would agree that there are subtle differences in the behaviour of men and women, and our physical nature is by far the biggest one. It also seems true that when it comes to the way in which each gender deals with the hot and cold temperatures of the environments they are exposed to.

Here are a few articles that we feel sum up these differences in a bit more detail:


Employers Have the Power

A good employer knows that a comfortable workforce is a more productive workforce. Employees who are uncomfortable in their workplace, and just generally unhappy in their working environment, are most likely being less productive than those who are happy and comfortable. With this said it makes sense for an employer to do whatever they can to make the environment in the workplace as agreeable as possible for all their employees.

Here are a few resources that we found might help to make your working environment a more pleasant place to be:


Helping One’s Self

Let’s face it, it’s impossible to please everyone in the workplace at the same time; it is inevitable that now and again you will need to do your best to manage your own comfort. This could be as simple as wearing fewer or thinner layers to keep cool (cotton and linen are better at keeping you cool), or more or thicker layers to keep warm, eating and drinking warm or cold things accordingly is a great help.

Whether you are too cold or too hot in the office, the following articles offer some great tips and tricks to help you manage your own micro-environment comfortably:


To speak to the professionals, get in touch NOW and get your team in a comfortable and stress free environment.

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Air Wars – What Are They & How to Prevent One



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